Intuitive Coaching


Intuitive Coaching is a gentle yet powerful process that involves the resolution of deeply embedded unconscious blocks which prevent you from realising your greatest alignment.

The mind/body connection is your body’s innate way of communicating with you.

Quite often, our physical symptoms appear due to an emotional or mental condition that we have not fully processed or resolved.

This can be both conscious or unconscious.

When we experience an event or situation that is traumatic to our system, the memory of this incident can become stored in our cells on a molecular or energetic level. This cellular memory will remain within the body until the original issue has been dealt with and cleared.

After a while, the body will attempt to alert us in order to resolve the issue at hand, this may be subtle to begin with, such as a dull ache, excessive tiredness or perhaps even acute/severe anxiety. Over time, the condition may intensify and eventually manifest into an illness or disease.

Through the use of advanced clearing techniques, natural medicines and guided processes, these conditions may be resolved, bringing the body back into balance and its natural state of equilibrium.

As a qualified Holistic Counsellor and Transformational Coach, I use a combination of processes to achieve this, including inner child work, ancestral clearing, past life regression and time line therapy.

In your session, I will intuitively guide you to uncover any stored memories, beliefs or trauma which may be contributing to the underlying cause for your current emotional, mental or physical challenges.

You will be guided through the entire process, as I work to assist you in clearing any unhealthy programs and patterns that may be present in your mind, body and spirit at the molecular level.

The space created is then filled in with a new energy that may shift your life into a whole new direction, as this change takes place, I will assist you to facilitates the upgrade of the blueprint in the DNA of your cellular structure.

Intuitive coaching is an embodiment of the entire of Melanie’s trainings, experiences and gifts all roles into one.

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