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The mind/body connection is your body’s innate way of communicating with you.

Quite often, our physical symptoms appear due to an emotional or mental condition that we have not fully processed or resolved. This can be both conscious or unconscious.

There may be a number of reasons for this to occur, some of the more common ones include unresolved trauma, unworthiness, or a disconnection on a soul level. These are explained in greater detail below.

When delving into Mind/Body work, it is advised to seek the assistance of a professional therapist. This can fast track your journey and allow for maximum benefits in order to restore your health and wellbeing sooner.

Experienced Mind/Body coach and Naturopath Melanie Wingate is able to cater a session for your individual needs and assist you back into balance, thus your natural state of being.

Unresolved Trauma

When we experience an event or situation that is traumatic to our system, the memory of this incident can become stored in our cells on a molecular or energetic level. This cellular memory will remain within the body until the original issue has been dealt with and cleared. After a while, the body will attempt to alert us in order to resolve the issue at hand, this may be subtle to begin with, such as a dull ache, excessive tiredness or perhaps even acute/severe anxiety. Over time, the condition may intensify and eventually manifest into an illness or disease.

Through the use of advanced clearing techniques, natural medicines and guided processes, these conditions may be resolved, bringing the body back into balance and its natural state of equilibrium.


Unworthiness or “self loathing” refers to your inability to love accept your self exactly you are. In today’s Western society, it is all too easy to compare yourself to everyone else, seeing the perfection in them and thus seeing the imperfections within you. When we repeatedly tell our self that we’re not good enough or that there is something “wrong” with us, we are sending a message to our body that it is not good enough, not appreciated or accepted. In return, this part can develop some kind of disease or ailment due to the constant negative energy that is being directed to it.

Learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are can be challenging and often a process that may need guidance and assistance. Through the use of guided healings and advanced mind/body techniques, you can learn to nurture and love your body back to health, balance and its natural state of equilibrium.

Soul Disconnection

A part of living life in tune with your natural essence is about learning how to listen to your soul. The souls voice is very different to your mind, it will feel soft, soothing and deep. Many of us listen to the voice of the mind by default as this is a conditioning that has been placed upon us from a very young age. If you are not connected to your soul, then it may attempt to communicate to you through your body. Thus creating pain, disease, anxiety, digestive concerns and other common ailments.

There are many simple steps to take in order to tune into your natural essence and hear the voice of soul. Through the use of advanced techniques, natural medicines, guided healings and expert advise, you can be feeling calm and in control of your life again in no time at all.