Respiratory System

Respiratory conditions affect all our airways, including our lungs and prevent us from breathing at our fullest potential.

Depending on the severity, respiratory conditions can be quite dangerous, even fatal if not handled correctly.

Some conditions of the respiratory tract include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CORD), bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, and lung disease.

Melanie Wingate will use a combination of natural herbs and supplements, as well as dietary and lifestyle advise to assist you in maintaining the condition and reaching your highest health potential sooner.

Mind/Body Connection

Metaphysically, problems with the respiratory system can refer to low self confidence, inner turmoil, emotionally sensitive and/or easily hurt. You may see life as too hard at times and be constantly looking externally for an easy way out or for someone to come and “rescue” you.

In Chinese medicine, the lungs are related to the emotions of grief and sadness. Grief can overwhelm the lungs, preventing the ability to ‘let go’. Over time, the lungs can become weakened, leading to physical complaints in the body.

Experienced Mind/Body coach and Naturopath Melanie Wingate is able to cater a session for your individual needs and assist you back into balance, thus your natural state of being. Click here to book an online consultation with her now.