Naturopathic Intuitive Coaching

Naturopathic Intuitive Coaching is a unique service proved by Melanie Wingate that combines all of her qualifications, trainings and experience into one complete, holistic offering.

Melanie has spent more than 10 years working with natural therapies, during this time, she found it disheartening to witness many people becoming reliant on herbs and supplements as they would pharmaceutical medication.

She knew that this was not the solution to healing, and that there was a deeper underlying cause that was keeping disease in the mind and body.

Melanie has spent many years diving into this deeper calling, and has worked on herself with countless healers and modalities looking for a more holistic approach.

You can learn more about Melanie’s personal healing journey here.

Disease in the body is often the result of unconscious emotional wounding and trauma that we may or may not be aware of.

When we experience emotional pain, at any stage in our life, the trauma of this incident stays with us and becomes trapped in the cellular memory until resolved.

This put’s pressure on our vital force, or our instinctive healing intelligence, and results in an imbalance in our body and mind.

The body will communicate these imbalances to us through pain, injuries or acute illnesses.

If we ignore these subtle messages from our body, such as through engaging in a busy lifestyle, or ‘pushing through’ the tough times, we are actually driving the dis-ease deeper into the tissues.

Naturopathic Intuitive Coaching uses guided processes that will bypass the conscious mind to go deeper into the underlying causes of illness that are held in the cellar memory.

Once these memories are recovered, they can be resolved and your body’s vital force can be restored to the tissues.

This journey is one that may take time and devotion, it involves a commitment to yourself to follow through with your daily self-care rituals and follow the vital intelligence of your body’s inner calling.

However it is also one of great reward and fulfilment.

By following the advise of your innate intelligence, you will be rewarded with boundless, energy, optimal health and a desire to live a full and abundant life.

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