Massage & Spa

Nurtured Naturally offers a range of Massage, Spa Treatments and Energy Healing in the Byron Bay region, Northern NSW. Bookings are by appointment only as it is a private residence.

Prices are charged by the length of time you choose to spend, and each treatment can be catered to suit your individual needs. Mix and match any of the following, or choose from one of the popular packages already available.

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Feel your stress and tension melt away with this firm yet nurturing style of deep tissue massage.
The pain you feel in your muscles can be caused by a number of things, some of which include stress,
posture, toxins and even unresolved emotional pain.
When deep pressure is applied to the muscle, it is able to release pain and tension, leaving you feeling light and free.


Be brought back into balance while you allow yourself to be taken on a journey into deep soulful bliss as this tantalising massage works its magic on your mind, body and soul.
Breathe in the aromas of the delicious scented oils while you are serenaded by the sweet sound of soft music in the surroundings of a calming candlelit room.


Calm the nerves and ease muscle tension with this luscious hot stone treatment.
The heat from the hot stones will soothe and relax your tired, sore muscles, while balancing and harmonising your nervous system, allowing stress and tension to melt away.

This treatment is particularly popular with a combination of massage and reiki healing included!


Nurtured Naturally offers organic spa treatments for you to enjoy as a separate service or to enhance any massage of your choice.

~ 30 Minute Organic Facial (cleanse, scrub, detoxing clay mask, tone and      moisture)
~ 30 Minute Full Body Scrub (organic cream based scrub to polish and revitalise your skin)


Reiki is a form of energy healing that is able to clear any blockages that may be present within, whether it be of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature.

When the body is affected by disease, it vibrates at a much lower frequency than when it is healthy. Reiki energy is able to assist with returning the body back to its normal frequency.

Reiki treatments are non invasive and can be performed fully clothed. It will restore your mind, body and spirit and leave you feeling a sense of pure blissful relaxation!



~ 1 Hour Deluxe – 30 minute back massage, 30 minute facial.

~ 1 Hour Bliss – 30 minute back massage, 30 minutes of reiki.

~ 1.5 Hour Pamper Package – Peppermint foot soak, massage, and organic facial.

~ 2 Hour Complete Nurture Pack – Peppermint foot soak, body scrub, massage, and organic facial.



Use the online booking service to find your preferred appointment time today!