Follow-up Sessions

After your initial consultation, follow-up sessions may be recommended as required.

Each session will build upon the previous ones, thus taking the healing process even deeper.

Follow-up sessions allow for further investigation on your progress in relation to your health, herbs, supplements, diet and self-care practices.

If pathology tests have been ordered, then the results will be covered at your follow-up appointment.

It is recommended to allow at least a week in between sessions, to enable the changes from your process to integrate into your cells.

Sometimes, the integration process can be a little challenging and may take time to fully settle into your new way of being. For this reason, I have created some guided resources that are available to purchase from the resource page.

Many of my clients find these to be very useful in between sessions.

Most often, I find that my clients do really well with weekly, fortnightly or monthly session. This is where the deeper healing can really excel.

I look forward to guiding you on your path of deep healing and transformation.

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