Welcome Lovely!

It’s my pleasure to have you here.

As a qualified Naturopath and Intuitive Coach, I offer a unique approach for your healing journey.

One that will guide you to utilise the full potential of your own inner healing ability.

The combination of traditional Naturopathic protocols along with guided processes allows for deep healing to occur on every level of your being.

Go deeper into the root cause behind your physical, emotional and mental health conditions to discover what is actually driving the underlying patterns that are responsible for keeping you unwell.

Gain a greater understanding of your own inner being and the blocks which may prevent you from experiencing full health and vitality Learn more.

Any pain that is felt in the body, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, is simply an indication that your vital force is out of balance.

Work With Me

I offer online consultations so you can enjoy receiving expert advise from the comfort of your own home.


What You Can Expect From Your Consultation

Upon booking your appointment, an email will be sent with your date, time and Telehealth link

At the time of your appointment, comprehensive details of your health history will be addressed

Pathology tests may be ordered if required, with the test kits being delivered to your door

Herbs and supplements will be recommended to further support your healing process

A guided healing process will take you deeper into the underlying causes of your health conditions

Further sessions are recommended as required, to deepen the healing and cover any pathology results 

What is Naturopathic Intuitive Coaching?

Disease in the body is often the result of unconscious emotional wounding and trauma that we may or may not be aware of.

When we experience emotional pain, at any stage in our life, the trauma of this incident stays with us and becomes trapped in the cellular memory until resolved.

This put's our vital force, or our instinctive healing intelligence, out of balance.

The body will communicate these imbalances to us through pain, injuries or acute illnesses.

If we ignore these subtle messages from our body, such as through engaging in a busy lifestyle, or 'pushing through' the tough times, we are actually driving the dis-ease deeper into the tissues.

Intuitive Coaching uses guided processes that will bypass the conscious mind to go deeper into the underlying causes of illness that are held in the cellar memory.

Once these memories are recovered, they can be resolved and your body's vital force can be restored to the tissues. Learn more 



Qualifications & Experience

   ✓ More than 10 years experience
   ✓ Adv. Dip in Naturopathy
   ✓ Bachelor of Psychology
   ✓ Master Hypnosis
   ✓ Master Transformational Coach
   ✓ Inner Child Coach

   ✓ 2nd D. Reiki & Distance Healing
   ✓ Shamanic Herbalism 
   ✓ Alchemical Herbalism
   ✓ Holistic Clearing Method
   ✓ Neurolinguistic Programming 
   ✓ Ancestral Healing

Get Started on Your Healing Journey Right Away!

Get your Detox guide to begin your healing journey right now!  

Starting your journey to health will yield much greater results if your body is clean with minimal toxic exposure.

Download your copy now by clicking on the image.

For more resources to get you started on your journey, be sure to check out my resource page.



“The first session I had with Melanie was unlike anything I had experienced before. 
She combines her wealth of knowledge and modalities together, which creates this amazingly relaxed but powerful state for her clients. She instantly makes you feel comfortable and calm.

I was able to release suppressed emotions and gain powerful healing through her coaching process. 

Melanie brings a healing and intuitive nature to her coaching. 
I would recommend Melanie to anyone looking for powerful transformation and break-throughs.
She delivers great value and real results.”

J. Martin

“Mel was AMAZING!!!!
She has really great energy and both my partner and I felt so great after her consultation.
Loved how professional you were in the appointment. Made me feel I contacted the right person!
Thank you so much!!”

S & P Hakim

“Mel is my Health Coach and her wonderful from the heart direct style has picked me up when I was down, and empowered me to grow dramatically. 

Mel has asked the questions of me that I needed to answer in order for me to have that wonderfully grounded feeling, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I highly recommend Melanie if you have a desire to resolve the past, and/or massively heal in the future. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mel”

A.J Dale


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