Guided Meditation – Ignite Your Inner Power


A guided meditation designed to ignite your inner power.

We all have moments in life where we may not feel so strong, or secure within ourselves.

Perhaps you have a habit of saying ‘yes’ to other’s, when really, deep down inside you want to say ‘no’.

Or maybe you’re even running patterns in your life of allowing other’s to mistreat you, and have difficulties setting firm boundaries around what you know is best for you.

This guided healing is designed to help you reconnect to the inner power within your being.

You will ignite an energy from within that gives you the courage, strength and wisdom to live from your highest truth.

Follow the recommended 28 day cycle and watch the changes unfold right before your eyes.

  • Feel more empowered within yourself
  • Have the courage to ask for what you want
  • Increase your confidence and sense of self
  • Set clear boundaries and put your needs first
  • Become a magnetic force for all things aligned with your highest good

When you make the conscious choice to up level your quality of life, things will begin to magically change around you.

It’s like an unstoppable force that has to take place, whatever you put your focus on, you will receive back, as governed by universal lore.

When we put ourselves first and take full responsibility for our own power, we can be of a much greater service to our loved ones around us.

Begin this journey for yourself today!

Included in package:
This package contains Mp3 file and a full colour PDF guided instructions.

For best results, you may choose to listen to the recording everyday for a total of 21 days, then give yourself a 7 day integration period before moving onto any other guided healings, or repeating this one again.

Please Note:
All guided meditations are recorded with delta tones in the background, when listened to with earplugs in each ear, the recording will send out delta brainwaves that will drop you into a deeper meditative state of consciousness.
This is to bypass any potential interruptions of the conscious mind in order to give you a deeper healing experience.
Please do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery.