Guided Meditation – Opening The Heart


A guided meditation that will take you on a journey of opening the heart to greater levels of awareness, personal empowerment and complete magnetism.

When we engage life from the space of an open, more connected heart, we can see dramatic changes and shifts take place almost instantly.

The heart is the home of your inner knowing, your unique wisdom and the essence of the gifts you have to offer this world.

By using this recording as daily in a 28 day cycle, you will begin to entrain yourself to live from the space of your heart consciousness, thus opening you up to a greater flow and alignment of your highest divine aspects.

For best results, you may choose to listen to the recording everyday for a total of 21 days, then give yourself a 7 day integration period before moving onto any other guided healings, or repeating this one again.

Please Note:
All guided meditations are recorded with delta tones in the background, when listened to with earplugs in each ear, the recording will send out delta brainwaves that will drop you into a deeper meditative state of consciousness.
This is to bypass any potential interruptions of the conscious mind in order to give you a deeper healing experience.
Please do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery.



A beautiful guided heart opening meditation. Click link for more information.