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The Journey Of The Ancestors

The journey of your ancestors runs deeply through the blood in your veins.

Their life story. Their struggles and hardship. Their primal experiences and traditional beliefs.

These are all embedded into the coding of your cellular memory, the blueprint of your molecular make up, your DNA. For up to seven generations before you.

The journey your ancestors took before you impacts your life and the choices that you make.

Their life story, experiences and cause of death is imprinted into your cellular memory and may just be the cause of some of your underlying health challenges or blocks in life.

We inherit our ancestor’s journeys through the genetic coding in our DNA, and this remains present until we choose to look at it, and to witness what it is they wanting us to see.

There is a direct connection to them and their stories, and it is up to us to be the one’s who decide to rewrite these stories in order to bring about change on a cellular level and thus rewrite the genetic coding that is imprinted into our molecular make-up.

“Pain travels through a family line until someone is ready to heal it in themselves. By going through the agony of healing you no longer pass the poison chalice onto the generations that follow. It is incredibly important and sacred work.” – Unknown

Do you know the history of your ancestors? Do you have any information of where they come from, who they are, what kind of life they lived, what kind of suffering they encountered?

Gaining a clear understanding of as much information as you can on your family history can help with a lot of unanswered questions in your life.

It is not essential however to have all the back ground revealed, however it is very helpful when delving into family systems healing work.

As you journey deeper on your path of healing and self discovery, a lot of this will be naturally uncovered in divine timing, when it is all ready to be seen, and when you are ready to see it.

As you heal the layers of your ancestral heritage, you are not only rewriting the healing from within your own cellular memory, but you are doing the work for the past seven generation in your lineage as well as the next seven generation to come.

The healing process is one that goes quite deep, and it is recommended that an experienced therapist guide’s you through it. Not only to help guide you through the best path for your own personal evolution, but to give you the support and after care that you may require as well.

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